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About Brio

Our Goals

At Brio we aspire to be the best at what we do. Our goal is to build the best online marketplace where anyone has the ability to purchase any products and have it delivered anywhere in the world.


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At Brio we have a grand vision of everyone in the world having an ability to order anything online and have it delivered at their front door.


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At Brio each of our employees do their utmost best to serve you. Highly advanced management softwares make it possible for cross-regional branches of our offices to work together as a single entity.

With more than 300 regional office branches worldwide, Brio is able to maintain and manage each of our customer's purchases with care right until the moment it is delivered to your doorsteps

  • 300 branches worldwide

  • 180 million parcels delivered per year

  • More than 10 million monthly users

  • More than 100 thousand new products every week